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I have always loved real estate. I purchased a second home when I was just 23 years old as a way to diversify my income through the rental market. My husband and I learned quickly that our real estate investments could be tailored to serve both growth goals, through equity, and provide monthly cash flow through rentals.

As we were getting started in our real estate investment journey, we bought mostly fixers with “good bones.” Often, we lived in them, and then would fix them up over time. This is something we were able to do while working full time jobs and raising a family, so we did upgrades as we could afford them and had the time. Looking back, some of our fondest memories have projects that we all did together as a family. About every 5-7 years we would “level up” our personal home and buy a larger and nicer home.

As my husband and I got older, and our real estate investments were good to us, we started putting more focus on undervalued luxury homes, that were on acreage, with at least one ADU on the same property. The best deal we ever got is a beautiful home with expansive views of the forest on 7 acres, with a second home (5500 sq ft combined) that we got for less than $100 a square foot! It is where we live today and  absolutely love it! Our real estate purchases have been one of the strongest factors to giving us the quality of life that we desire.

What I love about being a real estate agent is getting to help others on their own journeys into real estate investing. I love looking at houses and finding the best possible deal for my clients. I
am a huge advocate for a “100% no pressure” approach. Whether it will be their personal home or a rental, each purchase needs to fit my client’s needs and lifestyle. When you see your client’s light up after they find the right investment for them it’s downright magical and it gives me joy each and every time. Once we find the right place, I put all of my energy into getting my client the best deal. Tenacity and excellent negotiating have been critical components in my own investments. I bring those skills and experience to the table for everyone who works with
me. With the right strategies, real estate purchases can provide security, resilience, and growth opportunities in almost any market.

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It is my greatest joy to put my experience and knowledge to work for you! Reach out below if you'd like my assistance. I look forward to connecting!

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